for Ski-doo

Sno-Skinz Ski-doo cover

# Fits Specifications
120-1 or -3 1994-01 S-2000
Chassis, MXZ, Formula, with single seat & std. windshield.
“-1” = Low W/S & “-3” = High W/S
Black Custom Only
140 1999-04 ZX
Chassis, MXZ, Formula, with single seat & std. mid windshield.
Colors: base/insert/trim
Blk/Blk/Yel   Black Custom
170 2006-08 Freestyle
standard seat & standard windshield
Colors: base/insert/trim
Blk/Blk/Org   Blk/Org/Sil   Blk/Blk/Yel   Black Custom
100-TR 1998-03
chassis GT with high w/s & brackrest
Legend GT high w/s & backrest
Colors: base/insert/trim
Blk/Blk/Yel   Blk/Blk/Sil
147 2000-04 ZX
Chassis, Summit & X (non REV)
with single seat & standard
mid-windshield, w/ or w/o hooks, all track lengths.
Colors: base/insert/trim
Blk/Blk   Black Custom
151 2003-07
Rev: Summit, X, Renegade-X standard seat & X style windshield
Rev (non XP chassis)
Colors: base/insert/trim
Blk/Yel   Blk/Blk/Yel   Blk/Blk    Black Custom
157 2008-13 All XP Chassis: XP models with Std seat and High & Low Windshield Rev style seat
Colors: base/insert/trim
Blk/Blk   Blk/Blk/Yel   Blk/Blk/Sil      Blk/Yel/Org   Black Custom
158 2008-12 XP Renegade non “X” models
Long Seat with storage. All W/S
Colors: Base/Insert/Trim
Blk/Blk   Blk/Blk/Yel
159 2013-16 Rev XM Summit Models w/flat seat
Colors: base/insert/trim
Blk/Blk   Blk/Blk/Yel
performance guaranteed!
(Includes #300 deluxe undercover)


Littleton, Colorado 80128
800-355-3136    303-979-3176